Time for the Christmas markets!!!

Christmas is getting closer very fast and the Christmas markets are starting here in the Netherlands! And tomorrow I am also standing on a Market! On the Zelfgemaakte markt in Utrecht, the Netherlands to be exact. This is a crafty market and this will be my first time on a crafty market. I am getting very nervous as it is getting closer but I also think it will be a very fun day. But right now I can only think about: How will my stand turn out, how will the weather be, am I taking the right products with me and I can go on for hours this way.

But everything I had to do for this market is done. The car is all packed up and I think that I have everything with me I need to take with me.

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Christmas is getting closer...

Yes Christmas is getting closer...And this is the first year that I noticed it the way I do this year...And that is because I have never been busier...Working on my shop and hopefully get noticed on Etsy so the steady sales will come...But also at Custom orders...Like the stars you see here:

This was a great Custom Order to work on and I hope it will arrive soon at there new owner! And don't forget that YOU also can make a Custom Order in my Etsy shop!
But I am also working hard on getting a lot of inventory because I will be at the crafty market "de Zelfgemaakte markt" in Utrecht in the Netherlands on 11 December! And I have to say my fingers are sore, my head is overflowing and in the meantime the real live just goes on...But I have so much fun working that inventory and I truly believe that I will have a great day at that market! So if you are in the Netherlands on that date or just live in the Netherlands: Utrecht is the place to be at 11 December!!!

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