Celebrating with Orange!

Tomorrow we celebrate "koninginnedag" in the Netherlands! In English it says Queens day. We are celebrating the birthday of our Queen. This day is filled with joy and a lot of people hire a stand and sell all there old stuff. It's like one big flee market over the whole country! Further there are a lot of party's, old Dutch games and a lot of orange because that's the color of the Netherlands next to he colors of the flag.
I am also selling my old stuff tomorrow together with my mom and my aunt from Germany. It's the first time my aunt is selling old stuff on Queens day. I have done it a lot so we will show here the ways. To come in the spirit off Queensday I searched some Orange stuff on Dawanda! Here are my findings!

1. Necklace sunflowers
2. Fishes crochet applique handcraft
3. Lamm Polly
4. Lampwork Bead Frog
5. Handmade Hollow Glass Bead
6. Brooch Felted fox
7. My Little Pony Necklace
8. Goldfish Earrings
9. Carrots
11.Orange Gingham Heart Stud Earrings
12.Embroidered Cellphone Felt Case


Drifting away!

I am busy and I will be busy until next week. With work, with spending time with my aunt who is here for tree weeks from Germany, with the birthday from our Queen that we celebrate with a huge flee-market and a lot of fun and with making Driftwood jewelry!
I worked yesterday the whole day on some beautiful pieces and I want to make more!!!! I love to work with Driftwood and I will go have a new search for some driftwood soon. But it will have to wait until it all calms down a bit. In will list the driftwood I made yesterday in my Dawanda and Etsy shop this coming week but I will be a bit silence here. I wish everyone a great week with a lot of fun and smiles!


Evyy's Studio on Etsy!

Finally is Evyy's Studio also at Etsy! I have found Etsy years ago even before I found Dawanda. I love both sites very much but you can see clearly that you get other country with Dawanda than with Etsy.
Right now I omly have the wishingstars at Etsy, but I want to bring also some driftwood jewellery to Etsy in the future! You can find me here ! Please come and take a look and I hope I can bring a lot of joy in the world with my wishingstars!


On the first page on Dawanda?

Yes on the first page on Dawanda! When I was checking Dawanda this morning, I got a nice surprise when I suddenly saw the pink wishingstar! On this screenshot you have to look a bit but it's there! At first I was in shock and when that went away I was very happy. Dawanda has started a color collection special and at the front page is my pink wishingstar, the picture for the color pink! And I must say that it feels very glorifying. Maybe a bit stupid but every time someone gives me a compliment about one of my products or features a product I am very proud but also a bit shy. I still find it a bit weird at times that there are people that find my work great or wonderful. And on the other hand it's a lot of fun to see the wishingstar at the front page. Right now as I am typing this the picture is not at the front page but I hope it's comming back and will help in getting some of my wishingstars out there!


Preparations for Movie night!

Tomorrow night I am hosting an Movie night with some friends and colleagues. And that needs some preparations. I have got the food, drinks and the movie-stars! And what are you doing tomorrow night?

1. Popcorn Pendant
2. Vintage Sweets Print
3. Tin can magenet Lizard Redbull
4. Pepsi Crate Pendant
5. Alice in Wonderland Earrings
6. Notebook Audry


Let's shop!

After making sale after sale in Evyy's Supplies I ran out of a few items. So I went shopping today for some new supplies. And I have to say that's lots of fun. I spend over a hours walking, watching, counting and thinking at the supplies shop. And I found some fun and beautiful supplies. Today I listed some new Asian pendants and some pendants that I ran out off. More supplies like some more pendants but also some beautiful beads will be listed hopefully this week. So come and take a look at Evyy's Supplies.


Back to normal live!

It's alway a bit hectic around birthdays but now I went from 25 to 26 it's time to get back to the normal live. A fun week it was. I dear friend of my tried to get me very curious for my present. But instead that I went crazy she went crazy because I am very acceptant of waiting until I get it. And I must say a great gift it was!
And it was also much fun to see all those sales I made last week. I had 7 sales in my two shops! A few orders are already sent out, the rest will be sent out soon. And that means I have to get more supplies soon to fill up the shops again. I hope the sales will go one this way, it would make me very happy!
And what make me also very happy is that I stopped smoking a week ago and still going strong. I have been a bit cranky but it's still going very well. And as I have told before I don't have green fingers. Plants always die in my house. But that does not mean that I don't try. In the easterweekend I seeded some seads, and the are comming up as you can see in the picture! I am so proud at myself! And now I am going to do some housework before I go to work!


Birthday Flowers

It's my Birthday today! I am now 26 years old/young... So while I am waiting for the first people to show up, I have been searching on Dawanda for some great artist. And because the weather has been good al week I am in the mood for flowers. And there are a lot of beautiful flowers to be found on dawanda. Here are my flower findings! Enjoy!

1. Delicate Flowers
2. Retro Flowering Tree
3. Autumm Flowers
4. Flowers by Hillarie
5. Flower
6. Love flower
7. Flower
8. In the flower mountain
9. Blossem

Another early present: A beautiful blogger award!

Yes I have received my first blogger award! I received the beautiful blogger award from Jen from Miss Bohemia. Thank you very much Jen!

And with a award comes a obligation. I have to do the following thing:
1.Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.
2.Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.
3.Contact said blogs and let them know they’ve won.
4.State 7 things about yourself.

One down three more to go. As you can see it comes with a lot of work, being awarded!

1.Alice in Paris loves art and tea
2.Living in Zweden
3.Branch new by Mo
4.Dutch Handmade
6.Inspired by Charm
7.Kirin Notebook
8.Little Z handmade
9.Made by Muusa
10.Odd and Woolly
11.Tabitha Emma
12.Un nondo di mais
13.Blossom creations
14.Eloleo blogt
15.One red ribbon

And now the really hard part: state 7 things about myself
1. I can be really really lazy!
2. I stopped smoking last monday after smoking 7 years!
3. I don't have green fingers, plants always die in my house!
4. I love my driving license, it gives me a lot of freedom!
5. I listen to music late at night and very loud and sing along!
6. I don't weary any jewellery but would like to become more off a jewellery women!
7. I don't like people playing or touching my hear!


A early present!

I little while ago I took part in a give away. It was the first time I took part in a give away and I was very surprised to have won together witch someone else. And yesterday my little present arrived. A sweet rose brooch. It's a beautiful piece! I had some meetings in the evening and wore the brooch to these meetings. And a lot of people noticed my new brooch. So my big compliments to the maker Francesca, owner of the dawanda shop Un MonDo Di Mais! I am not a girl who wears jewellery much but this piece I will wear a lot.


Easter hunting finds

I am having a great easter here! Sleeping in, breakfast with pancakes, painting a closet, listening to music and surfing on Dawanda. Here is what I found on my Easter hunting!

1. Cerise Sami Style Bracelet
2. Affe, Velours-Motive zum Aufbügeln
3. A Fairy Ride
4. Zilver necklace with big silver color beads
5. Postkarte Schaf
6. Print Barbapapa


Birthday Celebration!

It's my birthday on april 10! I turn 26 that day, and off course I will celebrate that with family and friends. But a also want to celebrate this with the whole world. And with a celebration goes presents!
And because of this I offer free shipping on all my wishingstars! You can find the wishingstars in my shop Evyy's Studio . The free shipping is worldwide so everyone can enjoy this little present!

But what are those wishingstars? The wishingstar is a sweet star keychain. Every wishingstar hase a wish inside that's made up by the giver of the wishingstar. This makes the wishingstar a personal gift. And it makes the wishingstar a little present for every occasion. Example for birthdays but also as a note that you are thinking about someone in a difficult period. And the wishingstar is available in 10 colors!