Back to normal live!

It's alway a bit hectic around birthdays but now I went from 25 to 26 it's time to get back to the normal live. A fun week it was. I dear friend of my tried to get me very curious for my present. But instead that I went crazy she went crazy because I am very acceptant of waiting until I get it. And I must say a great gift it was!
And it was also much fun to see all those sales I made last week. I had 7 sales in my two shops! A few orders are already sent out, the rest will be sent out soon. And that means I have to get more supplies soon to fill up the shops again. I hope the sales will go one this way, it would make me very happy!
And what make me also very happy is that I stopped smoking a week ago and still going strong. I have been a bit cranky but it's still going very well. And as I have told before I don't have green fingers. Plants always die in my house. But that does not mean that I don't try. In the easterweekend I seeded some seads, and the are comming up as you can see in the picture! I am so proud at myself! And now I am going to do some housework before I go to work!

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  1. Hi,
    Via via I entered your blog. Nice.
    I hope you have a nice week (and be free to visit my blog for a giveaway).
    Greetz Madelon

  2. Hey Madelon,
    Welcome to Evyy's Studio! It's much fun to have this blog. I'm sure to visti your blog to!
    Greetings Evelyn