On the first page on Dawanda?

Yes on the first page on Dawanda! When I was checking Dawanda this morning, I got a nice surprise when I suddenly saw the pink wishingstar! On this screenshot you have to look a bit but it's there! At first I was in shock and when that went away I was very happy. Dawanda has started a color collection special and at the front page is my pink wishingstar, the picture for the color pink! And I must say that it feels very glorifying. Maybe a bit stupid but every time someone gives me a compliment about one of my products or features a product I am very proud but also a bit shy. I still find it a bit weird at times that there are people that find my work great or wonderful. And on the other hand it's a lot of fun to see the wishingstar at the front page. Right now as I am typing this the picture is not at the front page but I hope it's comming back and will help in getting some of my wishingstars out there!

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