From handmade to supplies

In january I opened Evyy's Studio. From that moment I started to fill up my shop more and more. But not just with handmade items, also with supplies. And while filling the shop more and more, I found that the handmade items got lost between the supplies. And after posting in the dawanda feedback forums I decided to open a second shop only for the supplies. I started yesterday with filling this supplies shop but I need more time to get everything there. A lot of work but I think it is the best the get the handmade items and supplies in there one shop.
So please take a look at Evyys Supplies! And of course at Evyys Studio!


Featured on Foundhandmade.com

One of my wishingstars is featured on Foundhandmade.com! It's great to see that other people love my work and I want to give a big thanks to the people of foundhandmade.com!

To see the blog of Foundhandmade.com look here.
To see the featured wishingstar look here.
And to see the shop of Evyy's Sudio look here.


Matroyshka's and Delfs blue: Hot or not?

I see them everywhere Matroyshka's. And Delfsblue products. And yes even a combination of the two. I even sell Delfsblue Matroyshka's beads in my shop. It looks like a hype that get's bigger and bigger every day. Today I got a folder of the store where a get my shampoo and soap and stuff like that. And even there you can find Matroyshka's right now. In other stores you can find all kinds of delfsblue products. From napkins to drink glasses. Keychains and boxes. al with matroyshka's or delfsblue designs.

And don't get me wrong, I think the most matroyshka's are very lovely and I am proud that i live in a country where the delfsblue comes from. But I am not very pleased with taking these products and make them a hype. Off course every store will sell the stuff the people wants and sells. But sometimes it is a shame to see these beautiful product taken over by cheap designs, materials and see it back in every kind of product.

So yes matroyshka's are hot and so is Delfsblue!

And what do you think: Is it a shame that these products are becoming a hype or are you in love with these hot items?


In love with some Ribbons.

I went into town yesterday to search some presents. I never found the presents but I found some great ribbons! The just have beautiful colors and texture. The flower ribbons are just so sweet. I love these simple designs. And the stripe ribbons has the most beautiful colors. Now I just have to think about what kind of things I will use these ribbons. One of the stripe ribbons will be used for a keyfob for myself. And They will come back in my shop as keyfobs or in other things.


New in shop: Flower keyfob

I just love this keyfob. The Flowerribbon is so lovely! I have to make one for myself soon, in the meantime I can search for keys to fit on the keyfob. Take a look in my shop Evyy's Studio or go directly to the Flower Keyfob


New in shop: Driftwood Necklace

I love to search for driftwood at the bank of the river maas in the Netherlands. It's always a surprise if there is any driftwood and how it looks. And the pieces I find are after a drying-period ready to be used in craftmaking. This time it became a great neklace.

Look for more great items like drifwoodpendants in my dawanda shop: http://en.dawanda.com/shop/Evyy