Matroyshka's and Delfs blue: Hot or not?

I see them everywhere Matroyshka's. And Delfsblue products. And yes even a combination of the two. I even sell Delfsblue Matroyshka's beads in my shop. It looks like a hype that get's bigger and bigger every day. Today I got a folder of the store where a get my shampoo and soap and stuff like that. And even there you can find Matroyshka's right now. In other stores you can find all kinds of delfsblue products. From napkins to drink glasses. Keychains and boxes. al with matroyshka's or delfsblue designs.

And don't get me wrong, I think the most matroyshka's are very lovely and I am proud that i live in a country where the delfsblue comes from. But I am not very pleased with taking these products and make them a hype. Off course every store will sell the stuff the people wants and sells. But sometimes it is a shame to see these beautiful product taken over by cheap designs, materials and see it back in every kind of product.

So yes matroyshka's are hot and so is Delfsblue!

And what do you think: Is it a shame that these products are becoming a hype or are you in love with these hot items?

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