A early present!

I little while ago I took part in a give away. It was the first time I took part in a give away and I was very surprised to have won together witch someone else. And yesterday my little present arrived. A sweet rose brooch. It's a beautiful piece! I had some meetings in the evening and wore the brooch to these meetings. And a lot of people noticed my new brooch. So my big compliments to the maker Francesca, owner of the dawanda shop Un MonDo Di Mais! I am not a girl who wears jewellery much but this piece I will wear a lot.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Evyy,

    I love reading your blog & your features!

    I especially enjoyed your Easting hunting finds!

    I have awarded you with a 'Beautiful Blogger' award on my blog!


    Best wishes!


  2. Hey Jen,
    Thank you very much! I already blogged about the award!
    greetings Evelyn

  3. @DeliciousMAMA you are very welcome!